Who, What, Where – A lawyer, a planner, and a restaurant.



I am starting a new series on the blog this week.

I will highlight a “Who” (Someone amazing with whom you should connect, blogger you should follow), “What” (Something you need in your life: Product, food item, iPhone App, good book, TV series, etc.) and “Where” (Place you need to visit:  Restaurant, cute local brick and mortar business, park, and the like…)

A few promises…

  • There will be humor (subjective of course.)
  • These will all be people who I know personally or have followed online for years, things I use/read/eat/watch, and places I frequent.
  • I will share up front if/when there are any affiliate links, or if I benefit in any way from a connection to a person or product.

While I find value in what I will share, ultimately, you can determine value for yourself.

Here are this week’s features:

Who: Rebecca Matthias

Please e-meet Rebecca Matthias. She is a super sweet attorney that specializes in family and estate planning. I have known Rebecca for many years through our local church. As a result of some networking conversations, I have recently come to understand her offerings more fully.  I naively believed that “estate” planning was for those with a sprawling estate with a vineyard, and actual assets.  Unless by assets you meant the pink slip to our 1997 Crown Vic, I personally did not think that I needed such services. (Ahem) Earlier in the week during an unrelated conversation with Rebecca, she mentioned that most of her clients were young families. I casually asked her to tell me more. She talked about helping parents designate guardianship for their kids if something happened to them, what would happen with insurance benefits, and beneficiaries and….things went dim and silent. I am pretty sure I was the emoji with the flushed cheeks and wide open eyes. Uh…I was her ideal client, and I did not even have something this important on my radar. What an amazing offering and service for ALL families with tinys. She provides a free 15-minute phone call to chat through her services and assess your needs. I went ahead and had my convo with her already and will start the process of all the things. If you are anywhere in California, please connect with her and see if she is a good fit for your family.RebeccaMatthias

Here is her contact info:

Rebecca Matthias



Follow her on Facebook        Connect on LinkedIn


What: Passion Planner

Please let me tell you of the benefits of using a physical calendar.  One with actual paper, and written notes, and dates.  One that can be touched and carried with you and referenced.  Think back to the days of the franklin covey planners.  I love technology, and my phone is not far from my person most of the day, but my brain does SO much better with a written, physical planner.  There are many on the market, but the one I have settled on is called The Passion Planner. I found this planner when the young creator did a kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a smaller, compact version. (Watch the short kickstarter video here.  It sold me.) Passion Planner offers a space for goal setting, monthly and weekly calendar pages, and a section at the end of each month that helps you review your month and reflect.  I have found the reflection section super helpful.  A few random things that I love are the cover design options, and the fact that it will lay flat when open without being bulky or spiral bound.

Check out some of the features here:  http://www.passionplanner.com/what-is-it/

There is a digital tour at the bottom of the page that allows you to flip through the pages.

Shop here:  http://www.passionplanner.com/shop/

Where: Main and Elm

Peninsula residents, you must try this fun local gem of a restaurant.  At the beginning of the year, a small group of moms that I meet with was on the hunt for a location to host our monthly meetings.  A friend went to Main and Elm for an event and texted me with excitement about the restaurant, the food and the vibe.  I reached out to the manager, Steve, and he was super accommodating.  We have been meeting there ever since!

Main and Elm took over the popular Main Street Coffee and Roasting Company.  They made some updates to the patio and back area, and added a few menu items.  They are located on Elm, down by the old redwood roller rink.  Quiet little area, but full of character.  Food is indeed great, they have a lovely patio with heaters and fire pits, and everyone that works there is super friendly.  Pay them a visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a yummy dessert.  Also keep them in mind for hosting your next small or large group event!



Here is how you can Main and Elm:

150 Elm Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
PH: 650-368-3430

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