Dinner Menu for the week of 9/28/15

Happy Fall!  This season is my favorite.  I love the crispness, the soups, the colors and all things pumpkin.  Watch for pumpkin recipes in abundance in the weeks to come.

I was able to follow last week’s menu well, which reduced stress.  I did find that some meals I really enjoyed, while others we simply eaten to give my body nourishment.  While I planned for dinner, I struggled to find things that would satisfy for lunch and snacks.  I need to do a bit more prep in the evenings to have grabbables.

Last week’s menu in review:

I really enjoyed the chicken, bacon asparagus salad, and the mexican chicken chowder.  The scallop recipe I put on the menu last week is a super easy staple that I LOVE.  To my dismay, my husband admitted to not really liking the flavor combo, and requested that it not get much play in the future menus.  (Insert: SHOCKED FACE!!!)  The only meal I did not enjoy was the balsamic beef.  It may have been the cut of beef that I used, but something about the fatty cut and the flavor of the sauce did not work well.  I am still trying to choke down the left overs.  😦

Yummy Mexican Chicken chowder soup!

Yummy Mexican Chicken chowder soup!

In an attempt to have some breakfast and lunch options for the week, I chopped some russet and sweet potatoes and fried them up in the same skillet I used to cook some chopped bacon.  I reunited the bacon and the potatoes on a few different occasions, and topped with a runny fried egg.  So satisfying.


Other breakfast, lunch and snack options were carrots, hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese, cucumbers, grapes, bananas and left overs.

Here are the items on the dinner list this week:

Monday:  Italian Stuffed flank steak with roasted sweet potato wedges.

Tuesday: Cream of pumpkin soup. (Leaving out the flour)  I will add some shredded chicken to give make it more of a meal.

Wednesday:  Left over soup

Thursday: Chipotle chicken sweet potato skins

Friday: Spinach salad with chicken, hard boiled egg, avocados, raisins and parm cheese.  I typically use balsamic and oil for the dressing with a little dijon to give some flavor and zing.

Saturday:  Almond flour tilapia nuggets and roasted asparagus and broccoli.

Sunday: Pizza stuffed zucchini boats

Eat well this week friends!


Dinner menu for the week of 9/21


Well, tomorrow begins the Fall Food Foundation Detox.  (There is still time to join in!)  With it, comes weekly dinner menus.  I have to plan, or I will be rocking in a corner each day with a bag of chips.

Here is what is on the docket for this week.

Monday:  Our very favorite whole chicken in a crock pot.  I make this at least once a month because it is so good, but also because I use the carcass to make bone broth.  The boys will eat the chicken with some rice, and Dave and I will have the chicken on a yummy chicken, bacon, avocado and asparagus salad.  Yummo!

Tuesday: We will use the rest of the chicken, and the stock made overnight for soup!  Going to give some Mexican Chicken Chowder a go.

Wednesday: Aidells organic chicken meatballs (from Costco!!!) with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Thursday:  I have had a large grass fed roast in my freezer for a while, and could not find a recipe the seemed right.  I came across this crock pot balsamic roast beef one, and I am going to see how it goes.  We will have burrito bowls (a la chipotle) using the meat.

Friday:  Pork Chops with mushrooms, and spaghetti squash.

Saturday:  Left over night.  I plan to make double helpings of the pork chops, and we will surely have left over roast beef.

Sunday:  Scallops with quinoa and orange avocado salsa.

Have a wonderful week!