Who, What, Where – A food blogger, sports bottle and online store.


In the next edition of Who, What, Where, I am introducing you to an awesome food blogger, a hot/cold sports bottle, and an online store.

As always, while I find value in what I will share, ultimately you get to be the one determining value.

Who: Lisa Leake with 100 Days of Real Food


I was first introduced to 100 Days of Real Food by a friend a few years ago. I was on the hunt for guidance with food education when we were making diet changes to help our oldest.  He was having some development challenges, and food modifications were one of the many things that were recommended. I decided to try her 10-day pledge to clean up the food choices in our home. Her thoughts on real food strategies for converting your pantry  were SO super helpful. Ultimately as a result of her blog and suggestions, we eat real food 80% of the time. Her crockpot chicken recipe remains one that is in my dinner rotation a few times a month.

The reason that I am suggesting that you visit her blog and follow her on FB is because of her AMAZING page dedicated to school lunches.  Now friends, this subject makes me want to rock in a corner. Every.single.day the tinys go to school with lunch. While I am quite cautious about what my kids eat, I am in no way creative. At home, nearly every day, they eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I am unable to describe the gnashing of teeth that began when I discovered that one of my kids was attending a nut-free school this year.  Y’all…I cannot. If you are preparing lunch for a child with an allergy, or they attend a school with food restrictions, she has you covered!  Her website gives you the option to filter by restriction.


I am super visual, so it really helps that she shows pictures of the lunches she packs every day on her FB page.  Here is an example of what you might see:


Yes, I obviously bought some colorful muffin cups, because the items in said cups will appear tasty and then be eaten.

Here are some great links to help you:

A bit about why she started the blog: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/start-here/

School lunch ideas: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/school-lunches/

Nut free lunch ideas: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2013/10/07/nut-free-school-lunch-ideas/

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What: Thinksport Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

I found this gem online last year, and it has become a favorite.  Besides the amazing deep pumpkin color, I love many things about this go-to water bottle.  Here are just a few.

  • Perfect of hot or cold beverages. Does not sweat (for cold contents) or burn your hand (for hot contents).
  • Colds stay cold for up to 20 hours and hots stay hot for about 4.
  • The fabulous, removable mesh filter keeps the ice from hitting your teeth, and allows you to steep tea without the tea bag blocking the opening.
  • Super easy to clean with removable top parts and dishwasher safe.
  • Simple stainless option, or available in several colors.


Run on off to Amazon and get one here. (Not an affiliate link)

Where: Thrive Market


I found this online store a year or so ago through another food blogger.  She raved about the prices, so I gave it a quick look.

The first thing that caught my eye was their mission.  (I am a total believer that a company that lives their mission is worth supporting.)  Their goal is to make healthy food affordable to the masses.  They are a membership-based community like Costco, offering members 25-50% off retail. Part of the mission is that for every paying member, they offer a free membership to a low income family.  Love.

When I compare prices on food items that we previously purchased at Whole Foods or Costco, Thrive wins. Savings, delivery, and free shipping on orders over $50.

My shopping list rotates a bit, but will typically looks like spices, Larabars, organic oats and different types of flours. I will occasionally get some cereal,  organic “lady” products, coconut oil, beans and parchment paper/muffin cups. I do all of the cooking in the house, and most things are made from scratch, so to find a place where I can get raw ingredients cheaper than a grocery store…it is a total win.

The only possible downside is that there is a membership fee, like Costco.  $59 per year. They offer a one month trial which will allow you to try the store without paying the membership fee. You can then check prices and assess convenience yourself.

Anyone that wants to give them a go can get 15% off their first order!  Use this link:


Full disclosure…they offer current members $25 in credit for referrals that decide to try a membership.  If that weirds you out, you can avoid the link above and go directly to http://www.thrive.com; however, you will not receive 15% off your first order.

Follow them on facebook for some awesome recipes.





Who, What, Where – A lawyer, a planner, and a restaurant.



I am starting a new series on the blog this week.

I will highlight a “Who” (Someone amazing with whom you should connect, blogger you should follow), “What” (Something you need in your life: Product, food item, iPhone App, good book, TV series, etc.) and “Where” (Place you need to visit:  Restaurant, cute local brick and mortar business, park, and the like…)

A few promises…

  • There will be humor (subjective of course.)
  • These will all be people who I know personally or have followed online for years, things I use/read/eat/watch, and places I frequent.
  • I will share up front if/when there are any affiliate links, or if I benefit in any way from a connection to a person or product.

While I find value in what I will share, ultimately, you can determine value for yourself.

Here are this week’s features:

Who: Rebecca Matthias

Please e-meet Rebecca Matthias. She is a super sweet attorney that specializes in family and estate planning. I have known Rebecca for many years through our local church. As a result of some networking conversations, I have recently come to understand her offerings more fully.  I naively believed that “estate” planning was for those with a sprawling estate with a vineyard, and actual assets.  Unless by assets you meant the pink slip to our 1997 Crown Vic, I personally did not think that I needed such services. (Ahem) Earlier in the week during an unrelated conversation with Rebecca, she mentioned that most of her clients were young families. I casually asked her to tell me more. She talked about helping parents designate guardianship for their kids if something happened to them, what would happen with insurance benefits, and beneficiaries and….things went dim and silent. I am pretty sure I was the emoji with the flushed cheeks and wide open eyes. Uh…I was her ideal client, and I did not even have something this important on my radar. What an amazing offering and service for ALL families with tinys. She provides a free 15-minute phone call to chat through her services and assess your needs. I went ahead and had my convo with her already and will start the process of all the things. If you are anywhere in California, please connect with her and see if she is a good fit for your family.RebeccaMatthias

Here is her contact info:

Rebecca Matthias



Follow her on Facebook        Connect on LinkedIn


What: Passion Planner

Please let me tell you of the benefits of using a physical calendar.  One with actual paper, and written notes, and dates.  One that can be touched and carried with you and referenced.  Think back to the days of the franklin covey planners.  I love technology, and my phone is not far from my person most of the day, but my brain does SO much better with a written, physical planner.  There are many on the market, but the one I have settled on is called The Passion Planner. I found this planner when the young creator did a kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a smaller, compact version. (Watch the short kickstarter video here.  It sold me.) Passion Planner offers a space for goal setting, monthly and weekly calendar pages, and a section at the end of each month that helps you review your month and reflect.  I have found the reflection section super helpful.  A few random things that I love are the cover design options, and the fact that it will lay flat when open without being bulky or spiral bound.

Check out some of the features here:  http://www.passionplanner.com/what-is-it/

There is a digital tour at the bottom of the page that allows you to flip through the pages.

Shop here:  http://www.passionplanner.com/shop/

Where: Main and Elm

Peninsula residents, you must try this fun local gem of a restaurant.  At the beginning of the year, a small group of moms that I meet with was on the hunt for a location to host our monthly meetings.  A friend went to Main and Elm for an event and texted me with excitement about the restaurant, the food and the vibe.  I reached out to the manager, Steve, and he was super accommodating.  We have been meeting there ever since!

Main and Elm took over the popular Main Street Coffee and Roasting Company.  They made some updates to the patio and back area, and added a few menu items.  They are located on Elm, down by the old redwood roller rink.  Quiet little area, but full of character.  Food is indeed great, they have a lovely patio with heaters and fire pits, and everyone that works there is super friendly.  Pay them a visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a yummy dessert.  Also keep them in mind for hosting your next small or large group event!



Here is how you can Main and Elm:

150 Elm Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
PH: 650-368-3430

Follow them on FB

Dinner Menu for the week of 9/28/15

Happy Fall!  This season is my favorite.  I love the crispness, the soups, the colors and all things pumpkin.  Watch for pumpkin recipes in abundance in the weeks to come.

I was able to follow last week’s menu well, which reduced stress.  I did find that some meals I really enjoyed, while others we simply eaten to give my body nourishment.  While I planned for dinner, I struggled to find things that would satisfy for lunch and snacks.  I need to do a bit more prep in the evenings to have grabbables.

Last week’s menu in review:

I really enjoyed the chicken, bacon asparagus salad, and the mexican chicken chowder.  The scallop recipe I put on the menu last week is a super easy staple that I LOVE.  To my dismay, my husband admitted to not really liking the flavor combo, and requested that it not get much play in the future menus.  (Insert: SHOCKED FACE!!!)  The only meal I did not enjoy was the balsamic beef.  It may have been the cut of beef that I used, but something about the fatty cut and the flavor of the sauce did not work well.  I am still trying to choke down the left overs.  😦

Yummy Mexican Chicken chowder soup!

Yummy Mexican Chicken chowder soup!

In an attempt to have some breakfast and lunch options for the week, I chopped some russet and sweet potatoes and fried them up in the same skillet I used to cook some chopped bacon.  I reunited the bacon and the potatoes on a few different occasions, and topped with a runny fried egg.  So satisfying.


Other breakfast, lunch and snack options were carrots, hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese, cucumbers, grapes, bananas and left overs.

Here are the items on the dinner list this week:

Monday:  Italian Stuffed flank steak with roasted sweet potato wedges.

Tuesday: Cream of pumpkin soup. (Leaving out the flour)  I will add some shredded chicken to give make it more of a meal.

Wednesday:  Left over soup

Thursday: Chipotle chicken sweet potato skins

Friday: Spinach salad with chicken, hard boiled egg, avocados, raisins and parm cheese.  I typically use balsamic and oil for the dressing with a little dijon to give some flavor and zing.

Saturday:  Almond flour tilapia nuggets and roasted asparagus and broccoli.

Sunday: Pizza stuffed zucchini boats

Eat well this week friends!

Dinner menu for the week of 9/21


Well, tomorrow begins the Fall Food Foundation Detox.  (There is still time to join in!)  With it, comes weekly dinner menus.  I have to plan, or I will be rocking in a corner each day with a bag of chips.

Here is what is on the docket for this week.

Monday:  Our very favorite whole chicken in a crock pot.  I make this at least once a month because it is so good, but also because I use the carcass to make bone broth.  The boys will eat the chicken with some rice, and Dave and I will have the chicken on a yummy chicken, bacon, avocado and asparagus salad.  Yummo!

Tuesday: We will use the rest of the chicken, and the stock made overnight for soup!  Going to give some Mexican Chicken Chowder a go.

Wednesday: Aidells organic chicken meatballs (from Costco!!!) with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Thursday:  I have had a large grass fed roast in my freezer for a while, and could not find a recipe the seemed right.  I came across this crock pot balsamic roast beef one, and I am going to see how it goes.  We will have burrito bowls (a la chipotle) using the meat.

Friday:  Pork Chops with mushrooms, and spaghetti squash.

Saturday:  Left over night.  I plan to make double helpings of the pork chops, and we will surely have left over roast beef.

Sunday:  Scallops with quinoa and orange avocado salsa.

Have a wonderful week!

Food Foundation Detox – Week 4

Pulling into the final stretch.  I am SO excited that I made it!  Feeling great!

Highlights from last week…

Hard boiled eggs, pancakes, and oatmeal were consistent breakfast options.  These pancakes are just awesome y’all.  Make them with 2 super ripe mashed bananas, 4 eggs, 1tsp vanilla, 1/2tsp baking soda, a heaping tsp of cinnamon, splash of milk, and 1/4 cup of almond flour.


Scallops, pork tenderloin, beef tacos and the shrimp with zucchini noodles were ALL amazing dinners.  I thought for sure the zucchini noodles were going to be gross since they looked like slop, but they were SO good!

IMG_4128  IMG_4142IMG_4139 IMG_4151

The last highlight for the week was actually a rare treat!  My sweet friend found a recipe for almond butter protein balls.  I snacked on them all week!


Here is the menu for this week:

Monday:  Chicken thighs stuffed with avocado and cheese, then wrapped in bacon, (inspired by this recipe) with roasted garlic butter asparagus.

Tuesday: Turkey and black bean burgers (using almond flour instead of breadcrumbs) with a garden salad.  Dave will have his on a bun, and I’ll just fork mine.  🙂

Wednesday: Planning to give this zucchini lasagna a go.  I will use a sugar free pasta sauce, and will add some ground beef.

Thursday:  Leftover night.  Either turkey burgers or lasagna.

Friday:  Rib eye steaks with a mushroom butter sauce.  Roasted red potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Saturday:  Asparagus with prosciutto and egg.  This might sound gross, but Dave and I LOVE this meal.  We do not go to all of the trouble in the recipe.  We simply steam the asparagus, frizzle the proscuitto and fry an egg to break over the asparagus.  You have to try it.

Sunday:  Since we did not get a chance to have these on a previous menu, we will try Fish tacos.  I will have these in lettuce wraps instead of on a tortilla.  Here is a pic of what they looked like the last time I made them.  Cannot wait!!!


Eat well this week friends!

Food Foundation Detox – Week 3

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration on the 4th.  Dave was off work on Friday, so it is making the weekend a long one!

Week two is in the book, and I am moving into week 3 with a comfort that I did not have the previous few weeks.

Thoughts on last week and a menu recap:

  • I did less “modifying” this week to reduce the cooking stress.  Short-order chef I am not.  For the love…
  • Breakfasts were great.  Oatmeal with fruit and milk, hard boiled eggs, pumpkin waffles and banana pancakes were key.
  • Lunches were mostly leftovers thrown into a salad, or a refrig scrounge that made a great meal as a whole.  (Brie on approved crackers, fruit, prosciutto, raw veggies)
  • Dinners were in flux a bit as we had some last minute plans.  We also had more food than was needed which allowed for a leftover night.  Fajitas, salmon, and chicken/avocado burgers were amazing!  I moved the chicken quinoa to tonight, skipped the fish tacos and curry stew, and then had an impromptu dinner at my parent’s house for the 4th.  I brought some pastured rib-eyes and chicken thighs to bbq, along with a salad and watermelon.  SO good.
  • I was able to resist treats and wine which might mean that my tastes are changing a bit.  We shall see if I dive into a tub of cookie dough once this detox is complete.  🙂

IMG_4113 IMG_4121 IMG_4116

Here is what is on the menu for this week:

Monday:  Scallops with orange, avocado and quinoa.  I have made this a few times, and it is a winner every time.  Plus I will have leftover quinoa from Sunday that will be lovely in this meal.

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin with steamed broccoli.

Wednesday: Beef tacos using this recipe for stew meat.  I will just have the meat with grilled veggies, or I will put it in lettuce.  Dave can add tortillas if he wants.

Thursday:  Leftover night!  I have evening plans, so the boys will be eating the items in the fridge, and I will pack something to bring to my event.

Friday: Shrimp with zucchini noodles.

Saturday:  Whole chicken will be cooked to supply chicken for a few meals/lunches.  The first one will be a Strawberry chicken salad with a strawberry vinaigrette that is also in the recipe.  (Can.not.wait to make this y’all)

Sunday:  Chicken salad with the remains of the whole chicken, plain yogurt, a touch of dijon, salt/pepper, sliced grapes, sliced apples and almonds.  I will have mine in a lettuce wrap and Dave will most likely choose a sandwich.

Eat well this week friends!

Food Foundation Detox – Week 2

I am happy to report that I survived my first week.  Dare I say….it was not as bad as I thought!

Here are a few things to report from the week:

  • I do still need coffee.  Turns out coffee is actually good with just whole milk or half and half.  Who knew!?
  • By the end of day 2, I was a jerk and my belly was not happy with me.  I gave up my fiber supplement for the month as it contains sugar. (This was an unexplainable loss folks.)  I was back to feeling “normal” in both my attitude and digestion by day 4.
  • Could it be possible that my complexion is improving already?  I did also switch to a cool new night creme, so it could be a coincidence.  Regardless, several people have made comments.
  • It is REALLY hard to be the only one in my house that is doing this.  Dave’s food journey is his food journey, so I did not force him to give this a go.  Cooking something different for my boys (hubs included), or a modified version of what I have been eating is pretty rough.  Most nights, I have served what I have served what I have served, and Dave got to benefit from a healthier meal.
  • I am SUPER grateful for my local butcher (go pay him a visit please and support local!), and my CSA because they both allow me the option to keep fresh, high quality food on hand.  I might even incorporate the farmer’s market next weekend.

Recap on things I ate last week:

  • Breakfasts went well.  Nothing life changing.  I did significantly under-boil close to a dozen pastured eggs, which was a crushing blow.  Besides that, I have not been challenged by my options.  Oatmeal with whole milk and applesauce carried me through.
  • Lunch was mostly left-overs and salads.  Generally, I struggle with getting my lunch packed up before heading out for the day, then find myself snacking on unhealthy things while I am out.  This week, I realized that it only takes a few minutes to plan ahead, and bring both snacks and a hearty lunch.  Victory.  When I was home for lunch, it usually looked something like this: IMG_4103
  • I stuck to the dinner plan.  Wins included my very favorite whole chicken in my crock pot which fed us for a few nights, and also was added to a few lunch salads throughout the week, meatballs (seared in bacon grease, then baked through), chopped salad with quinoa/apples/sweet potatoes, and the chipotle chicken sweet potatoes (no image because I ate them too fast).   All recipe links are in previous week’s menu.                                                                        IMG_4088  IMG_4094IMG_4107
  • The only dinner that was not a hit was the pho/shrimp soup.  I put in too many spices that competed with the flavor of my broth, and it was HOT that evening which made consuming soup less than ideal.  I might try it again with some corrections.

Here is what is on the menu for this week.  Only including links to dinners.  I will post what worked and did not work for breakfast/lunch in my recap next week.

Monday:  Steak fajitas.  I will have this without tortillas, maybe over salad or rice.  I will use the meat for lunch the first few days of the week.  I got a massive portion to supply meat for a few meals and lunches.  Cook once, eat multiple times y’all.

Tuesday:   Fajita bowl with leftover steak, beans, avocado, cheese.

Wednesday:  Salmon with mango/avocado salsa and zucchini spears.

Thursday:  Chicken avocado burgers.  I will have some yummy artichokes to accompany the burgers.

Friday:  Quinoa with paprika chicken and asparagus

Saturday: Fish tacos in lettuce wraps.  You guys, this fish with the avocado sauce is SO amazing.  I typically make fresh corn tortillas, but not this go-round.

Sunday:  This will be an adventure, but going to give some crockpot curry beef stew a try.  I adore this blogger, and almost everything I make from her collection is awesome.

Share your favorite clean recipes in the comments if you have found things that you love.

Eat well this week friends!

Food foundation detox, Week 1

How has it been almost a year since my last post?!?!  It has been an exhausting year, but still so good.

Cliff notes version of my last year…My tinys are bigger, I am no longer working full time in corporate america, and I am ready for another real food reset.

I recently met a fabulous gal named Jessica who is a nutritionist, and real food enthusiast.  She offers a guided month long detox with no additional supplements required, and I have jumped on for her program that starts on June 22nd.  It is a bit more intense than the one I did a few years ago, and it is also longer.  Given my previous dive into the real food deep, I feel prepared.  This time though, NO sugar of any kind, and also no alcohol.  Gulp!

food foundation

In honor of this detox, I am creating menus for the journey.  Here is what is planned for next week:

Breakfast options:

Hard boiled eggs

Bacon (sugar free option found at Whole Foods.  Happy dance!)

Whole fat yogurt with almonds and blueberries

Pancakes. (Can be frozen)  One very ripe banana, 2tbsp coconut flour, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 3 tbsp almond milk or whole milk, 1tbsp butter or coconut oil, 4 eggs.  Blend in blender until just combined and grill up.  I used a cast iron griddle, but I am also aggro about avoiding “non-stick” cooking surfaces.

Pumpkin waffles (Can be frozen)

Oatmeal with whole milk, a spoonful of unsweetened applesauce and almond slivers.

Lunch and snack options will be mostly left-overs, but in addition, I will have these on hand:

Fruit (If I did not have any for breakfast)


Celery with unsweetened peanut butter

Carrots/red peppers/cucumber, celery with homemade hummus

Tuna salad wraps: Tuna, 1/2 avocado, diced, diced red onion, 1tsp fresh lemon juice, pinch of tumeric, pinch of salt all mashed up, and wrapped in large lettuce/chard/spinach leaves.  This can also be served on celery sticks and/or on hollowed out cucumbers.


Monday: Whole chicken in the crock pot. (My fave!!!)  I got a chicken from my local butcher, and will also roast up some zucchini.

Tuesday: Using the remaining chicken, I plan to make a chicken, asparagus, bacon and avocado salad.

Wednesday:  Meatballs, (with sugar free marinara) steamed broccoli with almond slivers and butter, and parm cheese.

Thursday:  Pho with shrimp, carrots and bok choy.  Trying this for the first time, sans “flavoring” packet.



Friday: Chipotle chicken sweet potatoes

Saturday: Left over rice bowl.  Quinoa/wild rice, beans, avocado, remaining chipotle chicken, sour cream

Sunday:  Quinoa, sweet potato and apple chopped salad  (Will cook the quinoa in bone broth)

I should be ok if I stick to the plan, but I am still trying to figure out what I do about my coffee.  My coffee cannot be sweetened y’all.  Drop to a knee on my family’s behalf.

Self-care, risk, and the courage to rise

I have been in the blogging witness protection program for a bit.  It has been refreshing, and also a bit lonely.

Raising littles is an endeavor that, for lack of a better term, has made me feel…mortal.  I know it sounds odd, but they grow so fast, and it is all fleeting.  I am not going all “enjoy every minute” on you, but we really are here for a limited period of time.  Short-term needs have pulled me to unimportant tasks and it has left me feeling flat.

The following is my encouragement to myself to reorient my focus.  It just may resonate with you also.

Invest in self-care.

For me, the very first thing that comes to mind is seeking solitude.  God speaks to me in the quiet; however, I am very rarely able to carve out the time necessary to listen.   The introvert in me needs space to think, dream and reflect.  On the surface, it seems impossible to give myself the space when I have little time to spare.

What I continue to find with a little self-reflection is that much of the “crazy” is manufactured by a poor use of time, and a lack of focus on the important things.  Balancing important/unimportant remains God’s holy work in me.

For you, maybe self-care means that it is time to really decide that you have to change a few things to get healthy?  Like, changing your diet for real this time, or actually stepping into the gym you pay for monthly?  Maybe for you it means making the doctor appointment that you have been avoiding?  My appointment with my thyroid doc is finally scheduled for next week. I may not want to hear what he has to say, and will certainly not enjoy the tests that I will have to endure, but it is still LONG overdue.  There are a few appointments that remain unscheduled.  Time to face that music.

Take the risk.

I have been going through an exercise the last few months to really evaluate my “why”.  What is it that keeps me moving in a particular direction?  Do I want to look back and be grateful to have just survived?  What if I was intended to thrive?  How do I get from survive to thrive?  I often use my kids as the excuse for being in the here and now.  They are tiny little bundles of need, and the fires they create are very real.  (I mean… they have to eat three.times.a.day!)  But honestly, are they not the REASON that I want more?  Are they not my true WHY?  Are they not worth the risk?

I urge you…take the risk.  Make a way to achieve something that is on your bucket list.  It is never too late and there is never going to be a better time.  Go after the degree you have always wanted.  Start that scary and exciting business.  Train for, and finish YOUR marathon.

People will tell you that you are nuts by the way; that you cannot succeed.  The dream stealers are many.  Seek out the cheerleaders instead.  They are waiting to run alongside you on your journey or embrace you at the finish.

The unimportant distractions will fade away when you resolve to chase the meaningful.  Run.  It will be worth it.  We really can do hard things.

You will fall.   When you do…forgive quickly, and rise.

I have written previously about my struggle to quiet the “noise” in my mind.  The tapes play on repeat and spew lies about my value, rewinding conversations and encounters to remind me of how I should have behaved, or spoken.  They speak tauntingly about my previous commitments and failures.  For me, the noise is exhaustion in the truest form.

There are times when the noise is so loud it does not allow me to refocus my gaze on my goals.  Looking ahead to my true why seems too far out of reach, and the doubt creeps in.

Dwelling allows the cycle of wallowing to last too long.  It is WAY more difficult to rise from so low a place.  Guard this timing closely.  When you fall, or others let you down…forgive swiftly.  Failure is the very best teacher, and an opportunity to course correct.  It is a gift.  Be grateful.

I am certain that when I am in my final days, I will not wish that I spent more time at work, more time with my face in my phone, or wish that I collected more earthly things.  While my physical presence, heart and finances are in an epic, daily tug-of-war battle to determine value, focusing on the true priority it is a daily choice.  I have to choose.  We all have to choose.

Be courageous.  Resolve to rise.








On being still, and my choice in February to “Reduce”

In 2014 I am intentionally making choices.  January was about being still.

Here is the thing.  I have two tiny humans, that are not.ever.still.  This means that my mind is very rarely still.



I have come to realize that when you put something out into the ether, like…”I am going to choose stillness”, the world/tiny minions/Satan/calendar events/illnesses all conspire against you.  With all that I had, I began baby steps to choose stillness.  Some days, all I was allowed was the 3 minutes of blank staring at the dinner table.  Those few minutes were pure glory.

Most mornings, I sat with my coffee and read a devotional, or completed my bible study.  Other mornings, when it was WAY too dark for anyone to be awake, I put on a show for the littles, and crawled back into bed for 10 minutes.  No shame or judgement.

I am not sure one can learn a discipline of stillness in one short month.  It is something I STARTED in January, but did not perfect.  Work in progress people.

Readings I am working my way through related to stillness:

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young

Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith by Ehman, Karen

In February, I am choosing to reduce.  Reduce stress, reduce our spending, reduce our trash, reduce judgement.  REDUCE!!!

I am going to really try to reduce judging myself.  Not sure why I think I can do it all.  Lies.  Guess what…you have two toddlers?!?!  Life will be hard for a bit longer.  It just will.  Your house will be dirty, and you will forget to reply to emails/text/voicemails.  Settle in to the chaos already.

This mama neeeeeeeeds to reduce screen time.  Not sure I can join the hands free revolution just yet, but something needs to give for sure.

Reducing the hoarder-status in the garage is on the agenda this month as well.  Simmer on the calls to TLC.  There is an almost-unobscured walking lane all the way through.  Sheesh.

Also, we were introduced to a very cool diaper composting service.  We get to reduce our landfill contribution (and possibly our garbage can size)!  YAY!

Bottom line…How will my relationships, parenting, work/business life, budget change if I choose to reduce?

Learning to make the small choices that add up to big change.  It is a journey!