Dinner Menu for the week of December 15th

It has been almost a month since I last posted a menu.

Here is what I have learned over the last month.  Time is in short supply during this “season”.  Cookies are hard to avoid.  Brain-fog returns IN FORCE when I eat more than my share of the aforementioned cookies.  Lastly, we eat lots of granola with yogurt and/or Amy’s burritos for dinner when this mama does not meal plan.

One fall/winter highlight that I want to share is making applesauce with my sweet boy.  He really enjoys peeling the apples, and then also really enjoys eating the resulting sauce.  We have made several batches in the last few weeks.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but please get yourself an apple peeler if you do not already have one.  Super cheap, and one of the very best gadgets I have in my kitchen.  Here is my tiny using the fun tool…


Back to the discipline of a meal plan.

Sunday:  Garlic and lemon baked salmon with roasted potatoes and green beans inspired by this recipe

Monday:  Left overs from Sunday.  (I have an evening commitment, so Dave will be rocking the left overs solo.)

Tuesday:  Shrimp tostadas inspired by this recipe

Wednesday:  Dinner with Dave’s family to celebrate Christmas a bit early.

Thursday:   Using my VERY favorite chicken to make Chicken and broccoli pockets  I will be using this recipe for the crust instead of pastry crust.

Friday:  Chicken and pesto sandwiches.  We will use whole wheat rolls, and use the toaster oven to get them all melty.

Saturday:  Using up the last of the chicken to make this yummy chicken veggie soup.

During this week, I am hopeful that I can find some time to rest, and prepare for the festivities.  It always seems so rushed, so I will have to work hard to carve out the rest I crave.  Until next week…


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