Dinner Menu for the week of July 21st

Dave was out of town on business last week.  He arrived home late last night, and today I got several hours of freedom.  I people watched at a cafe, got some new yoga pants (aka sit around the house and lounge pants – since I do not do yoga) and got a fabulous recharge.  I am ready for the week!

While he was gone, I surprised myself, and actually made/attempted almost everything on my menu last week.  The only failure was the gnocchi.  It was WAY too ambitious to try these for the first time ever while rocking the solo parenting gig.  I ended up scrapping the whole meal, and made a pb and honey sandwich.  Lame.   The pork medallions were AMAZING, and so were the zucchini boats.

This is what they looked like the first time I made them.


They needed a little something before, so this week I added quinoa (boiled in veggie broth), and sauteed the peppers, garlic and tomatoes with the pulp from the inside of the zucchini.  SO easy, and really great flavor.

Here is what is planned for this week.  Swapping the fish and brinner nights due to a Whole Foods sale on Salmon.

Sunday:  Brinner of whole wheat crepes and roasted honey peaches with whipped cream.  Planning to just use the roasting method and leave off the last few steps in the recipe.  Will post pics on the facebook page.

Monday:  Chicken enchilada soup from the freezer

Tuesday: Peanut noodles with veggies.  Using this recipe for inspiration, but leaving out the chicken, and roasting some zucchini and red peppers.

Wednesday:  Left over peanut noodles

Thursday: Bacon cheese burgers with a salad using lettuce from my garden!!!

Friday:  Whole chicken in the crock pot (We make this every few weeks, then also use the carcass for stock) with cheesy broccoli orzo.  I get twitchy when I run out of the amazing stock, and I just used my last bag from the freezer over a week ago.  Also, can I tell you how excited I am to have found an amazing source for whole chickens that are pastured and local!!!  I set up an order for two birds every month that will be picked up at the train station about 2 minutes from my house.  Yes, yes Lord AMEN!!!

Saturday:  Blackened Salmon with Mango Avocado salsa is on the bill with corn on the cob.

Tomorrow is going to be another day of stocking the freezer.  Zucchini muffins and strawberry ice cream are on my agenda.  Yes, ice cream counts as something I “cook” ahead.  🙂

I will leave you with my favorite pics from the week.  Featuring, a curious boy in a CSA box, and sweet boy enjoying the summer blackberries.

Lucas1 Tiny1


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