Dinner Menu for the week of July 28th

What.a.week.  It seemed longer than normal because I was busy at work.

Also, like a total nut job, I signed up for this beta group that is testing some new food app.  They are giving me a cool hundo, but it requires that I document every single thing that we eat, and also send in photos of everything by email.  ‘Cause I definitely have that kind of time.  You can thank the beta for all of the photos in this post.  🙂

On Sunday last week, I made some ridiculous crepes.  I know I say this a lot, but make these please.  WOW.


We used the rest of the roasted peaches to make home made ice cream!  YUM!


Rounding out the reviews on last week’s menu, the peanut noodles were good, but I forgot to put in the green onions.  Bummer, because the recipe needs them.  Coming in second to the crepes was the salmon.  Big time sale at Whole Foods on fresh, wild salmon.  Yes please.


Sunday:  We still have chicken from our yummy whole chicken in the crock pot, so we will be using lettuce and cucumber from our garden to make a yummy chicken cobb salad.

Monday:  The remainder of the chicken will be used to make open-face chicken-avocado-cheese melts.  PS, Everyone needs a toaster oven.

Tuesday:  Whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce

Wednesday:  Defrosted potato, cheese and bacon soup

Thursday:  Quinoa, sweet potato and apple salad

Friday:  Grilled steak and a salad with strawberries, sliced almonds, poppy seeds and a balsamic/olive oil dressing.

Saturday:  Avocado, egg, cheese and bacon wraps

On August 1st, it will mark 4 months since we started making an effort to eat real food.  What a journey.  It still requires planning and discipline, but it is starting to become predictable.  I set aside time to hit up the farmer’s market, meal plan, and do my prep.  There is still plenty of time left over to snuggle some cute boys.

I am still working on using leftovers, and going to the fridge to make a meal first before heading to the store.  I am still finding too many science experiments in my fridge.  We will get there, and the time will all be worth it in the end.

Have a great week!



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