Dinner Menu for the week of August 4th

Took a quick trip down to visit my sister and her family with the boys.  I was planning to get the menu finalized while I was down there, but we chatted, hung out, and played games instead.  It was so nice to spend a few days away.

Here is what we are planning to eat this week for dinner:

Sunday:  I made quinoa (using home made chicken stock) with sauteed zucchini (from our garden!), carrots and peas.  I squeezed a bit of lemon over the top, and some freshly ground pepper.  So good.

Monday:  Long day at work planned for both of us, so we will dip into the freezer some defrosted chicken enchilada soup.

Tuesday:  Did not make the steak last week due to the impromptu trip, so we will give it another go.  Plan to marinade it with soy sauce, red wine vinegar, garlic, green onions and some dijon.  Also making cheesy garlic biscuits, and a small side salad.  (The lettuce is needing a harvest in our garden.  Bad)

Wednesday:  Grilled cheese with fresh basil, tomatoes, and a bit of balsamic vinegar.

Thursday:  Salad with eggs, avocado, almonds, crumbled feta and oil/vinegar.

Friday:  Beef carnitas tacos in the crock pot.  Hello home made tortillas!

Saturday:  I plan to dice some potatoes (both reg and sweet potatoes) and saute with onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, then top with a slightly runny egg.  I missed brinner last night.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!



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