Dinner Menu for the week of August 10th

Give me just a short minute to vent.  I had this very week’s menu in a new post, complete with pictures from a few items I made last week.  In a silly attempt to change to a different view to make the images smaller, the whole post vanished.  VANISHED.  Done venting, and getting on with it.

My three favorites from last week were the grass-fed steak/salad/AMAZING biscuits, the grilled cheese, and the potato hash.

The steak was so tender, and had hardly any gristle.  The biscuits were so good, they almost did not make it to the plate.  I made six, and four were eaten right off the baking sheet as soon as the oven door was opened.  Plan to make those again.  Soon.  (BTW, no clue why they look like blueberry scones in the picture.)


Winner number two was the grilled cheese.  I soaked a few heirloom tomato slices in balsamic vinegar for a few minutes while the grill pan heated.  I added shredded cheddar to each piece of bread, then layered on the avocado, fresh basil and tomatoes.  It became a gooey explosion of amazing.  I confess to inhaling my entire sandwich before making one for Dave.


I do not have a picture of the hash because it was eaten too quickly to photograph.  Why have I not made something like this before!?!?

On to the present week…

Sunday:  Honey lime grilled shrimp with grilled zucchini.  I used the same grill pan for both, so the zucchini had a really great flavor.

Monday:  Chili from the freezer with honey cornbread.  Originally made on this menu.

Tuesday:  Dijon-maple chicken with a side salad and Maple and Thyme roasted carrot ribbons.  Can it be Tuesday already?

Wednesday:  Quinoa with paprika chicken and asparagus.

Thursday:  Raw kale and garden veggie salad

Friday:  Simple Lemon Parmesan Spaghetti using whole wheat spaghetti

Saturday:  Asparagus with eggs and bacon

Enjoy your food this week everyone!


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