Dinner Menu for the week of August 18th

Usually, I spend one of the two weekend days cooking.  Tomorrow, I am rocking out a bunch of things for snacks/freezer stock.  Some of which include…  GranolaBreakfast cupcakeszucchini tots, and Banana pancakes!  Should be a fun day!

I really can ONLY survive without boxed cereal if I have granola.  I combine it with yogurt and honey, and then simply smile through every bite.


This week, I am trying some new things.  I am already excited to see how Sunday, Friday and Saturday turn out.  Here is the plan.

Sunday:  Fish taco bowls

Monday:   Left over potato soup from the freezer, and cheddar biscuits.  Yes, making the biscuits again.

Tuesday: Cooking up a whole chicken in the crock pot, then making Balsamic and sun dried tomato chicken sandwiches.

Wednesday: Salad from the garden that will be tossed together with whatever yummy veggies we have on hand.

Thursday:   Chicken alfredo noodles to use up the rest of the chicken.

Friday:  Mexican Casserole  Planning to modify this slightly to use my own taco mix, and my crock pot refried beans.  I may or may not attempt fresh tortillas.  Will have to see how the day goes.

Saturday:  Peanut butter and banana french toast.  Apparently this exists!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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