Dinner Menu for the week of August 25th

Highlights from last week’s menu.

Pancakes are gone already despite putting about 20 directly into the freezer.  My kids love these!  So do trains.


Fish taco bowls were SO flippin’ good. They were my favorite this week. These are going onto another menu soon.


Chicken and sundried tomato sandwiches were actually my favorite of the week.  We pulsed the tomatoes with garlic, basil, oil and vinegar in the food processor, then used that as a spread on the toasted sprouted whole wheat bun.  No pic due to the speed with which these were consumed.

Could not find whole wheat fettuchini, so we used penne for the chicken alfredo.  Had a bit of the sundried tomato spread left from a few nights prior, so I added it to the alfredo just as it was finishing.  I assured you that the sandwiches were my favorite, but I have already changed my mind.  This was for SURE my favorite thing I made this week, and the sauce was REALLY easy!

The Mexican casserole turned into tacos.  Could not swing the 40-50 minutes cooking time that it required after rocking the taco meat and the fresh tortillas.  Both the meat and the tortillas were incredible, and we will make these again very soon.

Last item of note is the banana peanut butter french toast.  Good, but they do not compare to the other items we ate this week.


Here is the plan for the final week in August.  (Wait…what?!?!  Where did summer go?)

Sunday:  Seared scallops with lemon orzo

Monday: One pot wonder tomato basil spaghetti

Tuesday:  Chicken mozzarella roll ups and grilled zucchini.

Wednesday: Left over spaghetti

Thursday: Avocado strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed vinaigrette dressing

Friday:  Apple and bacon stuffed pork chops.  Dave is anticipating this to be one of the best meals I have cooked.  The pressure is crushing my soul.

Saturday:  We will cheat this evening, and go out to dinner.  It is my birthday.  Yay…but not really.

August was good to me, but I have VERY high hopes for September.  It is the dreaming that keeps me motivated!  Oh, and Trevor starts at a preschool two days a week that is on our block.  Yes.

Enjoy your week everyone!


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