Real Food – Day 1

And so it begins…

It seems like I have been prepping for weeks.  Both with actual food prep, and mental preparation.  I hear that it is all about being organized, and planning.  We shall see if I have done enough.

To help with breakfasts, I purchased a new shiny toy!  Behold…JUICY!

Day 1

This morning I used juicy to make breakfast for me and Dave.  It included apples, pear, cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, carrots, kiwi and an orange!  Oh, and I slipped in some chia seed.  The boys both had (previously frozen) defrosted zucchini muffins, banana and Lucas also had whole plain yogurt sweetened with homemade applesauce.  Off to a good start right?!?!  I can say that at 9am on Day 1!

I tried my best to explain to our nanny that the boys are going to be on a bit of a modified diet today, and that all snacks would have to be fruit or triscuits.  Yes, triscuits are an OK real food option surprisingly.   She seemed to understand.  :/

For the boys’ lunch, I made brown rice with veggie sauce containing pureed asparagus and zucchini.  They both really like this dish.  For me and Dave, I packed cut carrots and celery with hummus dip, strawberries, pear and cute little individual cheese quiches made with whole wheat crust.


We made some flounder last night sauteed in lemon, butter and garlic, and will have that tonight for dinner with brown rice and steamed asparagus.

Wish us luck!


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