Real Food – Day 2

I want to begin by recapping how we fared yesterday.

The juice kept both of us quite satisfied until 11ish when the snackies began. I came to work equipped with carrot and celery sticks, so we were able to stay away from the vending machine and bowl of candy sitting at the reception desk. Dave and I work together, so it makes it easier to only pack one bag.

For lunch we ate our cute little quiches along with a pear and some strawberries. I used the link for the recipe, but made mine in cupcake tins which allowed me to bring a few, and save a few for later. They also freeze really well.

I was doing ok until a meeting with my boss in the afternoon. Another bowl FULL of candy in her office. I covered it with my notebook. Out of sight…

Dinner was just meh. The fish was good, but the rice was drrrrrryyyyyy, and the asparagus was slightly undercooked. I like my veggies crispy, but these bordered on raw. Mental note to whip up some sort of yummy sauce next time. After dinner, I usually have something sweet, so instead I had a few strawberries.

On the docket for today.

Juice in the morning again, and the boys got whole wheat pancakes with sliced pear. I may or may not have swiped a pancake.


Lunch for the adults will be left overs from dinner with a fresh lemon squeezed on top to add some flavor. Dave stayed home today with a bit of a cold, so I brought rice cakes with peanut butter, as well as cucumber and carrots with homemade ranch for snacks. The boys will get some refried beans that cooked overnight in the crock pot, with avocado and cut up asparagus.

After a quick washing, the crock pot was put back to use for tonight’s dinner. Whole chicken (purchased from a local farmer at the farmers market) will cook all day then get shredded for chicken salad tonight. The remainder of the chicken will be used for chicken enchiladas on Wednesday. I also plan to steam some artichokes. No mayo for dipping. Sniff.

In related news, we both weighed in last night. While the starting weights will not be shared, I will certainly be sharing any poundage that is shed.

Let’s hope I can avoid the candy bowls today.


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