Real Food – Day 3

Someone thought this was a good idea.  This no sugar/refined oil/processed food thing.  Then, somehow I was convinced that they were right and decided to drink the kool aid.  (Or, the juice as it were since kool aid is technically ALL sugar.)  And that is how I feel on day 3.

Yesterday’s recap.

MAD rush in the morning to fire up juicy, and whip up banana pancakes from scratch.   All while attempting to shower, get two kids fed and get Trevor to school by 8:45.  SO awesome.

Got home from the school shuffle about 10:30, and found Dave eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich.   Clearly the juicy did not satisfy this time, so we may have to consider something more in the mornings with our juice.

Lucas loved his refried beans and rice, and had some avocado too.  Trevor went for a staple of whole plain yogurt, avocado and a few bites of beans and rice.

Since Dave already ate (ish) I packed up the left over fish and rice for me to take to work.  Forgot the dang lemon, so it was just as amazing as the night before.  (Insert sarcasm)  Left the cut up veggies/ranch for Dave to snack on since he was home not feeling well.

When I got home from work, the chicken was warming in the crockpot, and falling off the bone.  SO good!  We made salads with a small amount of chicken, egg, avocado, shredded cheese and homemade ranch.  Dave and I had a parenting class to attend in the eve, so we ate our salads in the car.  Lucas had cheese, chicken and sweet potatoes, while Trevor had banana, cheese and sweet potatoes.

On the way home from our class, we stopped to get some more kale and oranges for juicy, milk and half and half.  There is not enough space here to describe my acute LONGING for coffeemate.  Another day…

Lesson learned from day 2.  It is ill advised to begin your 10 days of real food adventure the day after Easter.  You will find that every place you turn, someone is trying to pawn off their left over candy and chocolate eggs.  They will be left in the break room at work, or brought to your parenting class for “snacks.”   Must.stay.the.course

Today’s plan…

We started with juicy and defrosted zucchini muffins for the big kids.  The minions got left over pancakes and strawberries.



Dave is home sick again today.  He will be sipping on some chicken stock that cooked all night in the crockpot, and we also plan on eating some refried beans/rice, and possibly a pb&j.  We will see how the day shakes out.  Something delish for the kiddos.  NO clue what…

Dinner will be chicken enchiladas using the remaining chicken from last night with a side salad.  I found some great whole corn tortillas at whole foods, but  I am SUCH a flour-tortillas-in-my-enchiladas kind of gal, that I hope I am not in for a huge let down.  I plan to feed the boys the enchiladas too with some sweet potato, but that may be a dream.

Staying flexible and determined.

BTW: Super excited about my new CSA delivery!  You can even have them deliver eggs, meat, cheese and dairy products!  New box will be on my porch first thing in the morning.  YAY!!!


4 thoughts on “Real Food – Day 3

  1. I just ordered mt first box to be delivered next week. I can’t see how to order cheese and eggs?
    Love your blog BTW

    • Howdy. So glad you ordered. LOVE their stuff. Click on Welcome on the left side menu, then in the “get what you want” section, you can either customize your fruits and veggie order, or “shop grocery” for other items. You can even add more veggies that may not have been included in your box.

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