Real Food – Day 4

Uh huh.  Day 4.  Wait….we are ONLY on day 4?!?!

Yesterday’s recap:

High – While I am tired from all of the planning and prepping, my energy level is much higher.  Dave mentioned that he also had more energy the last few days, and that is even with him being sick.

Low – I am VERY irritable.  Perfect timing given the three sick and whiny boys in the house.  Yesterday, after hour number 3 of Dave’s hiccups (I am not kidding), under the guise of being a caring wife, I told him that he should go lay down and rest since he was not feeling well.  He called me out on my passive aggressive attempt to get him and his noisy hiccups out of my general area.  I then told him that I would rip his throat out if he kept it up, and it was in his best interest to remove himself.  As you can imagine, it was quite a proud moment for me, but this caused him to laugh so hard that the hiccups went away!  Lucky for him.

Breakfast went as planned with pancakes and strawberries for the boys.  We added a few antioxidants to our juicy to boost immunity.

For lunch Lucas had beans and rice with pear and blueberries.  Trevor had a pb&j with a side of crying and throwing a fit.  A nap followed VERY shortly after lunch.  Dave and I were pretty full still from breakfast, so I snacked on the remainder of Trevor’s sandwich, a pear and crackers with cream cheese.  Dave had carrots, apples with peanut butter and some pistachios.

Dinner prep was horrendous.  Everyone was hungry, and in my way.  The boys ate sweet potatoes while the enchiladas warmed up in the oven.  Lucas loved the enchiladas, and Trevor had another helping of whining after his sweet potatoes.    Dave and I both thought the enchilada sauce could have used a bit more seasoning, but it was still good.  We also had a side salad with cucumber, almonds, avocado, shredded carrots, pepper and olive oil.  I need to make some yummy salad dressings.  I just ordered this cool tool to help with dressings.


For today, adults did juicy and coffee.  Dave also had a hard boiled egg.  Boys had whole plain yogurt with some maple syrup and pears.  We kept Trevor home from school today since he has a raspy voice and cough.

Dave packed a pb&j, rice and beans and a pear.  I will have an egg with some toast and tangerines.

Dinner will be left over enchiladas.

Score card:

I have lost 1 pound, and Dave has lost 6!  He thinks that he was wearing really heavy clothes when he first weighed himself, so we will see if he keeps losing, or if it levels out.


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