Real Food – Day 6

Ah, the weekend!  So glad you are here.

Yesterday’s happenings:

High:  I went into the office and got a break from the kids.  Er…I was able to accomplish work-y things, and feel like a productive adult.

Low:  Real food molds too fast.


Breakfast yesterday went as planned.

Lunch was a bit of a sh*t show.  I left a bunch of things for the boys to eat, and told the nanny the rules.  Again.  When I came home, I forgot to ask her what they actually ate. Several of the items I had set aside were left uneaten on the counter.  Hmmm.  Trevor did have yogurt all over his shirt, so one can assume that he had some yogurt for lunch.  When I packed a lunch for me and Dave, I thought that I had packed enough for both of us.  Dave saw what I brought, and proceeded to ask me what I would be eating.  Sigh.  I packed two zucchini muffins, two rice cakes with peanut butter, two string cheeses, a hard boiled egg and a pear.  After half of that was gone on Dave’s snack at about 10:30, we decided to head to Whole Foods for other snackables.  We settled on a nut mix thing, and some honey sweetened granola after squinting to read the labels on the bulk bins for about 15 minutes.  We also got two Lara bars.  Those are pretty “YES please” btw!  In other news, Dave told me that he would not be eating any rice cakes in the future.  Ever.  I actually do not mind them, but he could not even choke down the two that I brought.

Dinner was sh*t show part two.  The mac and cheese was flavorless.  It needed WAY more salt and pepper.  Or bacon.  We have lots of leftovers.  :/  Lucas did not mind it, but Trevor only got a few bites down.  They both had avocado, and we made Trevor the ever so popular pb&j.  I swear he would live on those if needed.


We rocked a tropical kind of juicy this morning with pineapple, kiwi, oranges and apples.  It was SO good.

Day 6

The boys had banana and oatmeal.  After breakfast Trevor and I headed to the local farmers market to replenish our supply of fruits and veggies.

Dave and I had some defrosted chicken enchiladas from the other night.  (That night, I made a small, loaf pan size, serving with the remaining ingredients and popped it into the freezer.)  The boys had sweet potatoes for lunch with rice and beans.

For dinner, the boys are going to have some steamed broccoli, applesauce, and the rest of the sweet potatoes.  The adults are having some sauteed scallops with wild rice and broccoli.  Hope it is delish!

Happy Saturday!

Real Food – Day 5

And I thought the wheels were already off.  HA!


High:  The Google machine helped me find what appears to be an OK option for Lucas’ first birthday on the 20th.  Maybe with a blueberry whip cream?  I plan to make it this weekend to be sure it will work.  You know…It needs to be vetted.  It is not because I could possibly die without something sweet.  High number two…CSA box arrived!!!  Yay for food delivered to your door.  Honestly, I was in no mood to cart two kids to the store to buy more kale.  Wait, this is the “high” section.


Low: Everything is annoying.  Yesterday, this was my annoying list:  We have too many toys, what random food remnant/crumb is stuck on the bottom of my foot, how is the coffee already gone, there are a lot of parts to Juicy, why don’t we have a pet that eats the food tossed off of the high chair, why does the neighbor have to have their scrap metal picked up during nap time, I do not have enough kitchen counter space with all of my appliances taking up so much room, how does one clean the microplane grater without grating one’s finger, why is it SO hard to find local bacon, or even bacon WITHOUT sugar added?  I am sure there are more, but typing them all out is also annoying.

I digress.  Update on meals for yesterday.

No changes for breakfast.  Went as planned. Amen.

Trevor had little more than a few bites of food for both lunch and dinner on Weds, but since he was feeling better by lunch yesterday, he was HUNGRY!  Turns out that kids will eat what they are offered when they are hungry.  Who knew.    He at some pear, blueberries (I should point out he has NEVER wanted blueberries), 6 grain whole wheat bread with cream cheese, fried egg, whole wheat crackers and two glasses of milk.  Lucas had bread and cream cheese, blueberries and some fried egg yolk.  First time he has eaten egg.  I should have snapped a picture of the face he made.  Ha.  After the initial protest, he proceeded to eat several additional pieces.

After lunch, Trevor went right to bed.  Poor guy was wrecked.  While getting him settled, Lucas (Mr. Into Stuff) stumbled upon the CSA box that I left on the floor.  Rookie move, Mama.  He found several round balls in the box (tangerines, oranges, grapefruit), and two of them fell victim to a teething monster.  The tangerine took the biggest hit.

Lucas found the tangerines

Lucas found the tangerines

Allow me to paint a picture of the events that followed…  Discovers tangerines are just the right size to hold->turns out these leak yummy fluid when punctured->yummy fluid gets all over shirt, pants, hands and face->hands rub eyes since it is almost nap time->OUCHY eyes!!!->screaming bloody murder.

It was an awesome 20 or so minutes as  I tried to submerge his upper torso/face in water, while attempting to keep the screams at a lower volume as to not wake up brother.  The silence when their naps overlapped for a brief 30 minutes was the highlight of my day.  I should note that the last time I gave him oranges it resulted in a HORRIBLE diaper rash that lasted about a week.  His poor bum may be in for another round.  😦

I ate what was left of the two eggs that I fried, and some toast with cream cheese.  Dave’s peanut butter and honey sandwich got pretty hosed on the way to work, but it was still consumed.  The big bummer of the day was that a big boss man was in town, and wanted to take him and his manager to lunch.  How do you explain that you are doing this 10 day food thing, and well, I can go and sit with you guys, but uh…right.  So he ends up going, with his cute little container of rice and beans, but then naturally feels pressure to buy something at the cafe.  He makes a choice to go with grilled onions and peppers (?!?!).  He said that he did not see ANY fruit options like a banana or apple, so this was the best purchasable veggie option. What a SAD state of affairs.  Now, I am under NO illusions that this cafe in a random office building is using unrefined/non GMO oil to grill their veggies.  So, one of us went off the tracks.

We righted the ship for dinner.  All four of us finished off the enchiladas, which were so much better the second night.  Both boys had some cheese, and Trevor also had some avocado.  Oh, and remember the artichokes that I claimed to have cooked a few nights back…right.  Found those in the veggie drawer in the fridge.  Uncooked.  We steamed them up so that they would not spoil, and put them in the fridge for tonight.  I plan to attempt home made mayo, or some sort of aioli.  Lord be with me.

After dinner, I headed off to a board meeting for my local mother’s club.  I was met with a few acceptable snack options.  Wine and grapes and cheese.  SOLD.  Before hitting the sack, I decided to torture myself with some food network shows.

Today’s plan.

The boys had french toast and bananas for breakfast, and we fired up Juicy as well.  Trevor tried some of my juicy and he loved it.  Looks like he will be having some in the mornings.

We have only 20 days to get through a jar of all fruit preserves, so lunch will be a pb&j for Trevor with tangerines.  Lucas will get some avocado, and a bit of beans/rice.  They can have strawberries and blueberries for snack.

For dinner we are having Mac and cheese.  I am super excited to try this recipe, and it seems so simple.  Hope it is as good as the picture looks!  Wanted to toss in some local bacon, but did not have any luck finding any at Whole Foods.  I need to meet some local farmers that raise swine.  We will also have the artichokes, and the boys will have steamed zucchini.

Hoping it is smooth sailing from here.  It can only get better right?!?!

Scorecard:  I am down 4 pounds total.   Dave is also down 4 total.  (His evened out)

Real Food – Day 4

Uh huh.  Day 4.  Wait….we are ONLY on day 4?!?!

Yesterday’s recap:

High – While I am tired from all of the planning and prepping, my energy level is much higher.  Dave mentioned that he also had more energy the last few days, and that is even with him being sick.

Low – I am VERY irritable.  Perfect timing given the three sick and whiny boys in the house.  Yesterday, after hour number 3 of Dave’s hiccups (I am not kidding), under the guise of being a caring wife, I told him that he should go lay down and rest since he was not feeling well.  He called me out on my passive aggressive attempt to get him and his noisy hiccups out of my general area.  I then told him that I would rip his throat out if he kept it up, and it was in his best interest to remove himself.  As you can imagine, it was quite a proud moment for me, but this caused him to laugh so hard that the hiccups went away!  Lucky for him.

Breakfast went as planned with pancakes and strawberries for the boys.  We added a few antioxidants to our juicy to boost immunity.

For lunch Lucas had beans and rice with pear and blueberries.  Trevor had a pb&j with a side of crying and throwing a fit.  A nap followed VERY shortly after lunch.  Dave and I were pretty full still from breakfast, so I snacked on the remainder of Trevor’s sandwich, a pear and crackers with cream cheese.  Dave had carrots, apples with peanut butter and some pistachios.

Dinner prep was horrendous.  Everyone was hungry, and in my way.  The boys ate sweet potatoes while the enchiladas warmed up in the oven.  Lucas loved the enchiladas, and Trevor had another helping of whining after his sweet potatoes.    Dave and I both thought the enchilada sauce could have used a bit more seasoning, but it was still good.  We also had a side salad with cucumber, almonds, avocado, shredded carrots, pepper and olive oil.  I need to make some yummy salad dressings.  I just ordered this cool tool to help with dressings.


For today, adults did juicy and coffee.  Dave also had a hard boiled egg.  Boys had whole plain yogurt with some maple syrup and pears.  We kept Trevor home from school today since he has a raspy voice and cough.

Dave packed a pb&j, rice and beans and a pear.  I will have an egg with some toast and tangerines.

Dinner will be left over enchiladas.

Score card:

I have lost 1 pound, and Dave has lost 6!  He thinks that he was wearing really heavy clothes when he first weighed himself, so we will see if he keeps losing, or if it levels out.

Real Food – Day 3

Someone thought this was a good idea.  This no sugar/refined oil/processed food thing.  Then, somehow I was convinced that they were right and decided to drink the kool aid.  (Or, the juice as it were since kool aid is technically ALL sugar.)  And that is how I feel on day 3.

Yesterday’s recap.

MAD rush in the morning to fire up juicy, and whip up banana pancakes from scratch.   All while attempting to shower, get two kids fed and get Trevor to school by 8:45.  SO awesome.

Got home from the school shuffle about 10:30, and found Dave eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich.   Clearly the juicy did not satisfy this time, so we may have to consider something more in the mornings with our juice.

Lucas loved his refried beans and rice, and had some avocado too.  Trevor went for a staple of whole plain yogurt, avocado and a few bites of beans and rice.

Since Dave already ate (ish) I packed up the left over fish and rice for me to take to work.  Forgot the dang lemon, so it was just as amazing as the night before.  (Insert sarcasm)  Left the cut up veggies/ranch for Dave to snack on since he was home not feeling well.

When I got home from work, the chicken was warming in the crockpot, and falling off the bone.  SO good!  We made salads with a small amount of chicken, egg, avocado, shredded cheese and homemade ranch.  Dave and I had a parenting class to attend in the eve, so we ate our salads in the car.  Lucas had cheese, chicken and sweet potatoes, while Trevor had banana, cheese and sweet potatoes.

On the way home from our class, we stopped to get some more kale and oranges for juicy, milk and half and half.  There is not enough space here to describe my acute LONGING for coffeemate.  Another day…

Lesson learned from day 2.  It is ill advised to begin your 10 days of real food adventure the day after Easter.  You will find that every place you turn, someone is trying to pawn off their left over candy and chocolate eggs.  They will be left in the break room at work, or brought to your parenting class for “snacks.”   Must.stay.the.course

Today’s plan…

We started with juicy and defrosted zucchini muffins for the big kids.  The minions got left over pancakes and strawberries.



Dave is home sick again today.  He will be sipping on some chicken stock that cooked all night in the crockpot, and we also plan on eating some refried beans/rice, and possibly a pb&j.  We will see how the day shakes out.  Something delish for the kiddos.  NO clue what…

Dinner will be chicken enchiladas using the remaining chicken from last night with a side salad.  I found some great whole corn tortillas at whole foods, but  I am SUCH a flour-tortillas-in-my-enchiladas kind of gal, that I hope I am not in for a huge let down.  I plan to feed the boys the enchiladas too with some sweet potato, but that may be a dream.

Staying flexible and determined.

BTW: Super excited about my new CSA delivery!  You can even have them deliver eggs, meat, cheese and dairy products!  New box will be on my porch first thing in the morning.  YAY!!!

Real Food – Day 2

I want to begin by recapping how we fared yesterday.

The juice kept both of us quite satisfied until 11ish when the snackies began. I came to work equipped with carrot and celery sticks, so we were able to stay away from the vending machine and bowl of candy sitting at the reception desk. Dave and I work together, so it makes it easier to only pack one bag.

For lunch we ate our cute little quiches along with a pear and some strawberries. I used the link for the recipe, but made mine in cupcake tins which allowed me to bring a few, and save a few for later. They also freeze really well.

I was doing ok until a meeting with my boss in the afternoon. Another bowl FULL of candy in her office. I covered it with my notebook. Out of sight…

Dinner was just meh. The fish was good, but the rice was drrrrrryyyyyy, and the asparagus was slightly undercooked. I like my veggies crispy, but these bordered on raw. Mental note to whip up some sort of yummy sauce next time. After dinner, I usually have something sweet, so instead I had a few strawberries.

On the docket for today.

Juice in the morning again, and the boys got whole wheat pancakes with sliced pear. I may or may not have swiped a pancake.


Lunch for the adults will be left overs from dinner with a fresh lemon squeezed on top to add some flavor. Dave stayed home today with a bit of a cold, so I brought rice cakes with peanut butter, as well as cucumber and carrots with homemade ranch for snacks. The boys will get some refried beans that cooked overnight in the crock pot, with avocado and cut up asparagus.

After a quick washing, the crock pot was put back to use for tonight’s dinner. Whole chicken (purchased from a local farmer at the farmers market) will cook all day then get shredded for chicken salad tonight. The remainder of the chicken will be used for chicken enchiladas on Wednesday. I also plan to steam some artichokes. No mayo for dipping. Sniff.

In related news, we both weighed in last night. While the starting weights will not be shared, I will certainly be sharing any poundage that is shed.

Let’s hope I can avoid the candy bowls today.

Real Food – Day 1

And so it begins…

It seems like I have been prepping for weeks.  Both with actual food prep, and mental preparation.  I hear that it is all about being organized, and planning.  We shall see if I have done enough.

To help with breakfasts, I purchased a new shiny toy!  Behold…JUICY!

Day 1

This morning I used juicy to make breakfast for me and Dave.  It included apples, pear, cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, carrots, kiwi and an orange!  Oh, and I slipped in some chia seed.  The boys both had (previously frozen) defrosted zucchini muffins, banana and Lucas also had whole plain yogurt sweetened with homemade applesauce.  Off to a good start right?!?!  I can say that at 9am on Day 1!

I tried my best to explain to our nanny that the boys are going to be on a bit of a modified diet today, and that all snacks would have to be fruit or triscuits.  Yes, triscuits are an OK real food option surprisingly.   She seemed to understand.  :/

For the boys’ lunch, I made brown rice with veggie sauce containing pureed asparagus and zucchini.  They both really like this dish.  For me and Dave, I packed cut carrots and celery with hummus dip, strawberries, pear and cute little individual cheese quiches made with whole wheat crust.


We made some flounder last night sauteed in lemon, butter and garlic, and will have that tonight for dinner with brown rice and steamed asparagus.

Wish us luck!