Dinner Menu for the week of September 22nd

Forgive the delay in posting this week’s menu.  A short day trip to see my sister, and some personal defeats have put me a few days behind.  Mercies are new every morning…

Last week’s menu favorites:

Sunday we ate my most favorite fish tacos.  Complete with homemade corn tortillas.  The meal was SUCH a delight.  Witness the beauty!  Make these.


The second winner of the week was the chicken broccoli pockets.  We swapped the whole chicken night, and moved the pockets to Friday.  They were full of amazing.  Made way more filling than intended, and had enough to eat for dinner tonight.  I made a crust sourced from this post.  Fully intend on making these “pop-tarts” at some point too!


Did not get a chance to make the stuffed red peppers, so they are moved to this Monday.

The menu normalcy is in flux this week due to some planned activities.  We will give this menu a go…

Sunday:  Left over chicken bakes

Monday:  Quinoa stuffed red peppers

Tuesday:  Chili from the freezer and cornbread

Wednesday:  Pizza night!  We will get creative with the toppings.

Thursday:  Penne pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce

Friday:  Sauted scallops and quinoa with orange and avocado salsa

Saturday:  We are having a family gathering to celebrate my sweet boy’s 3rd birthday!  We are making burgers on the grill.  Yummo!

I will leave you with a bit of encouragement for your week.  Mainly because I am the one that needs to be encouraged. I heard this quote last weekend while at a conference.  It has been running through my mind ever since because I am prone to worry and fear.  I have to remember to persist and stay the course.  In all things.

Maybe you think you think you cannot spend the time needed to eat real food.  Maybe you think your spouse/kids will never go for it.  Maybe you think you will not see results.  Maybe….just maybe you should just give it a try.  🙂


Dinner Menu for the week of September 15th

Last week’s menu recap.

I thought Sunday’s quinoa and salmon salad was good.  In fact, I ate mine sitting on the couch while the boys both acted like little birdies with open mouths.  They ended up eating a second dinner off my plate.  Dave on the other hand did NOT like this meal.  He is not a huge balsamic vinegar fan, and he claims his salmon was over cooked.  Bummer!


The chicken marsala meal was the week’s winner.  So tasty, and fairly simple to make.  It will go into my recipe circulation for sure.


Cheeseburgers with yummy because we added bacon and avocados.  Yay.

Did not snap a pic of any other meals this week, but we did not have any other whammies.

Coming up this week…

Sunday: Spicy fish tacos!!!  SO excited to make these again!

Monday:  Strawberry Avocado Spinach salad

Tuesday:  Creamy Chicken Broccoli Pie Pockets using chicken from my very favorite whole chicken in a crock pot.

Wednesday:  Left over chicken used in open face melted sandwiches

Thursday:  A lemon shrimp salad inspired by this recipe, but changed to sub honey for sugar.

Friday:  I am going to try my hand at these Quinoa stuffed peppers.  Wish me luck.

Saturday:  Scrambled eggs and Breakfast Potatoes

I will leave you with a photo that is unrelated to food.  We had a HUGE victory this week as Trevor graduated to a main stream pre-school.  YAY for our sweet speech-delayed boy, and his progress!


Dinner Menu for the week of September 8th

Last week’s menu recap:

The apple and bacon stuffed pork chops were really tasty.  If it were not for all of the “meat handling” in this recipe, it would be a keeper.  If you do not mind the meat handling aspect, or if you do not have minions that need attention during meal prep, than it should be something you try for sure.

The tostadas ended up being chicken sandwiches, and the irish nachos became baked potato slices and shredded chicken left overs.  Both nights, I ended up having business meetings, and I was unable to complete either meal.  I am SO grateful for the chicken in the crock pot though because it fed us for two nights, and made yummy stock!

The rest of the menu items were good, but do not need extra praise.  They are staples.  🙂

Before getting to the items for this week, I have a quick garden update.

My monster zucchini plant met the compost bin yesterday.  It was trying to take over the ENTIRE box, and the leaves were getting this funky white fungus-y looking fuzz on them.  It was just better to call it a total loss.  The lettuce was also pulled after fulfilling its duty to provide us with many salads.

The remaining watermelon, basil, kale, cucumber and peppers are still doing well.  In fact, the jalapeno plant is producing WAY more jalapenos than this mama needs.  I mean taco bell mild sauce is too spicy for my liking.  Ya dig?  Trevor thinks it is fun to “help” in the garden by picking the peppers.  Here are some that were picked before their prime.  Oh well.


I am eagerly anticipating the bell pepper harvest.  I have several LARGE peppers that are looking amazing.  This particular pepper grows big and green, but turns red as soon as it is ripe.  I cannot imagine that they will get much bigger, but they are all still green.  CANNOT wait!


Here is our plan for the week:

Sunday:  Quinoa and Salmon salad

Monday:  Chicken enchilada soup from the freezer

Tuesday:  Chicken Marsala pasta with asparagus

Wednesday: Cheeseburgers with roasted sweet potato squares

Thursday:  Cheesy broccoli orzo and a garden salad

Friday:  Chicken couscous salad

Saturday:  Potato breakfast casserole thing inspired by this recipe.  I will change it up and use local sausage, freshly diced potatoes and just might add some bell peppers.

Happy eating everyone!

Dinner Menu for the week of September 1st

Last week’s menu recap:

Whole foods was all out of scallops (grrrrrr) so I made the orzo with shrimp instead.  SO flippin’ glad I did, because it was amazing.

I ended up making Monday night a scrounge night, and moved the one pot wonder to weds.  It was just ok.  A bit slimy for my liking, and I put in too many red pepper flakes.  Spicy!!!

Back to Tuesday.  I have decided that recipes that require excessive “meat handling” are not my fave.  The chicken was really good, but who wants to wash their hands 75 times during meal prep?  It went something like:  Pull one chicken breast from package, and put into the ziplock, wash up, grab the mallet and pound said chicken, then remove to a plate, wash, rescue child from top of kitchen table, start on the next chicken breast, wash, mallet, plate, wash, stop child from emptying ziplock box contents…


Anywho…you get the idea.  Just the prep alone seemed to last an hour due to the constant stop and start and hand washing.  Here is the finished work of art heading into the oven.  (Finally)


The rest of the week did not go according to plan.  Our CSA was out of spinach, so the salad planned for Thurs ended up being Amy’s burritos.  Friday, Dave went to a baseball game with a buddy, and I think I made a PB and Honey sandwich for myself.  Yum.  Since we still have the pork chops and bacon, they are on the menu for Sunday.

Here is the full menu for the week:

Sunday: Apple and bacon stuffed pork chops.

Monday:  Chicken tostadas using chicken from the crock pot.

Tuesday:  I am going to give irish nachos a go using the remainder of our shredded chicken.  Should be interesting!  I am using this recipe for inspiration, but making a few changes.

Wednesday:  Quinoa summer salad

Thursday:  Grilled steak with wild rice and honey roasted carrots

Friday:   Left over steak will be used to make cheesesteak sandwiches.  Have I mentioned that everyone needs a toaster oven?

Saturday:  Filled pancakes.  I will have both strawberries and blueberries.

Hope everyone gets to enjoy a long weekend!

Dinner Menu for the week of August 25th

Highlights from last week’s menu.

Pancakes are gone already despite putting about 20 directly into the freezer.  My kids love these!  So do trains.


Fish taco bowls were SO flippin’ good. They were my favorite this week. These are going onto another menu soon.


Chicken and sundried tomato sandwiches were actually my favorite of the week.  We pulsed the tomatoes with garlic, basil, oil and vinegar in the food processor, then used that as a spread on the toasted sprouted whole wheat bun.  No pic due to the speed with which these were consumed.

Could not find whole wheat fettuchini, so we used penne for the chicken alfredo.  Had a bit of the sundried tomato spread left from a few nights prior, so I added it to the alfredo just as it was finishing.  I assured you that the sandwiches were my favorite, but I have already changed my mind.  This was for SURE my favorite thing I made this week, and the sauce was REALLY easy!

The Mexican casserole turned into tacos.  Could not swing the 40-50 minutes cooking time that it required after rocking the taco meat and the fresh tortillas.  Both the meat and the tortillas were incredible, and we will make these again very soon.

Last item of note is the banana peanut butter french toast.  Good, but they do not compare to the other items we ate this week.


Here is the plan for the final week in August.  (Wait…what?!?!  Where did summer go?)

Sunday:  Seared scallops with lemon orzo

Monday: One pot wonder tomato basil spaghetti

Tuesday:  Chicken mozzarella roll ups and grilled zucchini.

Wednesday: Left over spaghetti

Thursday: Avocado strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed vinaigrette dressing

Friday:  Apple and bacon stuffed pork chops.  Dave is anticipating this to be one of the best meals I have cooked.  The pressure is crushing my soul.

Saturday:  We will cheat this evening, and go out to dinner.  It is my birthday.  Yay…but not really.

August was good to me, but I have VERY high hopes for September.  It is the dreaming that keeps me motivated!  Oh, and Trevor starts at a preschool two days a week that is on our block.  Yes.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Dinner Menu for the week of August 18th

Usually, I spend one of the two weekend days cooking.  Tomorrow, I am rocking out a bunch of things for snacks/freezer stock.  Some of which include…  GranolaBreakfast cupcakeszucchini tots, and Banana pancakes!  Should be a fun day!

I really can ONLY survive without boxed cereal if I have granola.  I combine it with yogurt and honey, and then simply smile through every bite.


This week, I am trying some new things.  I am already excited to see how Sunday, Friday and Saturday turn out.  Here is the plan.

Sunday:  Fish taco bowls

Monday:   Left over potato soup from the freezer, and cheddar biscuits.  Yes, making the biscuits again.

Tuesday: Cooking up a whole chicken in the crock pot, then making Balsamic and sun dried tomato chicken sandwiches.

Wednesday: Salad from the garden that will be tossed together with whatever yummy veggies we have on hand.

Thursday:   Chicken alfredo noodles to use up the rest of the chicken.

Friday:  Mexican Casserole  Planning to modify this slightly to use my own taco mix, and my crock pot refried beans.  I may or may not attempt fresh tortillas.  Will have to see how the day goes.

Saturday:  Peanut butter and banana french toast.  Apparently this exists!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Dinner Menu for the week of August 10th

Give me just a short minute to vent.  I had this very week’s menu in a new post, complete with pictures from a few items I made last week.  In a silly attempt to change to a different view to make the images smaller, the whole post vanished.  VANISHED.  Done venting, and getting on with it.

My three favorites from last week were the grass-fed steak/salad/AMAZING biscuits, the grilled cheese, and the potato hash.

The steak was so tender, and had hardly any gristle.  The biscuits were so good, they almost did not make it to the plate.  I made six, and four were eaten right off the baking sheet as soon as the oven door was opened.  Plan to make those again.  Soon.  (BTW, no clue why they look like blueberry scones in the picture.)


Winner number two was the grilled cheese.  I soaked a few heirloom tomato slices in balsamic vinegar for a few minutes while the grill pan heated.  I added shredded cheddar to each piece of bread, then layered on the avocado, fresh basil and tomatoes.  It became a gooey explosion of amazing.  I confess to inhaling my entire sandwich before making one for Dave.


I do not have a picture of the hash because it was eaten too quickly to photograph.  Why have I not made something like this before!?!?

On to the present week…

Sunday:  Honey lime grilled shrimp with grilled zucchini.  I used the same grill pan for both, so the zucchini had a really great flavor.

Monday:  Chili from the freezer with honey cornbread.  Originally made on this menu.

Tuesday:  Dijon-maple chicken with a side salad and Maple and Thyme roasted carrot ribbons.  Can it be Tuesday already?

Wednesday:  Quinoa with paprika chicken and asparagus.

Thursday:  Raw kale and garden veggie salad

Friday:  Simple Lemon Parmesan Spaghetti using whole wheat spaghetti

Saturday:  Asparagus with eggs and bacon

Enjoy your food this week everyone!

Dinner Menu for the week of August 4th

Took a quick trip down to visit my sister and her family with the boys.  I was planning to get the menu finalized while I was down there, but we chatted, hung out, and played games instead.  It was so nice to spend a few days away.

Here is what we are planning to eat this week for dinner:

Sunday:  I made quinoa (using home made chicken stock) with sauteed zucchini (from our garden!), carrots and peas.  I squeezed a bit of lemon over the top, and some freshly ground pepper.  So good.

Monday:  Long day at work planned for both of us, so we will dip into the freezer some defrosted chicken enchilada soup.

Tuesday:  Did not make the steak last week due to the impromptu trip, so we will give it another go.  Plan to marinade it with soy sauce, red wine vinegar, garlic, green onions and some dijon.  Also making cheesy garlic biscuits, and a small side salad.  (The lettuce is needing a harvest in our garden.  Bad)

Wednesday:  Grilled cheese with fresh basil, tomatoes, and a bit of balsamic vinegar.

Thursday:  Salad with eggs, avocado, almonds, crumbled feta and oil/vinegar.

Friday:  Beef carnitas tacos in the crock pot.  Hello home made tortillas!

Saturday:  I plan to dice some potatoes (both reg and sweet potatoes) and saute with onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, then top with a slightly runny egg.  I missed brinner last night.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Dinner Menu for the week of July 28th

What.a.week.  It seemed longer than normal because I was busy at work.

Also, like a total nut job, I signed up for this beta group that is testing some new food app.  They are giving me a cool hundo, but it requires that I document every single thing that we eat, and also send in photos of everything by email.  ‘Cause I definitely have that kind of time.  You can thank the beta for all of the photos in this post.  🙂

On Sunday last week, I made some ridiculous crepes.  I know I say this a lot, but make these please.  WOW.


We used the rest of the roasted peaches to make home made ice cream!  YUM!


Rounding out the reviews on last week’s menu, the peanut noodles were good, but I forgot to put in the green onions.  Bummer, because the recipe needs them.  Coming in second to the crepes was the salmon.  Big time sale at Whole Foods on fresh, wild salmon.  Yes please.


Sunday:  We still have chicken from our yummy whole chicken in the crock pot, so we will be using lettuce and cucumber from our garden to make a yummy chicken cobb salad.

Monday:  The remainder of the chicken will be used to make open-face chicken-avocado-cheese melts.  PS, Everyone needs a toaster oven.

Tuesday:  Whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce

Wednesday:  Defrosted potato, cheese and bacon soup

Thursday:  Quinoa, sweet potato and apple salad

Friday:  Grilled steak and a salad with strawberries, sliced almonds, poppy seeds and a balsamic/olive oil dressing.

Saturday:  Avocado, egg, cheese and bacon wraps

On August 1st, it will mark 4 months since we started making an effort to eat real food.  What a journey.  It still requires planning and discipline, but it is starting to become predictable.  I set aside time to hit up the farmer’s market, meal plan, and do my prep.  There is still plenty of time left over to snuggle some cute boys.

I am still working on using leftovers, and going to the fridge to make a meal first before heading to the store.  I am still finding too many science experiments in my fridge.  We will get there, and the time will all be worth it in the end.

Have a great week!


Dinner Menu for the week of July 21st

Dave was out of town on business last week.  He arrived home late last night, and today I got several hours of freedom.  I people watched at a cafe, got some new yoga pants (aka sit around the house and lounge pants – since I do not do yoga) and got a fabulous recharge.  I am ready for the week!

While he was gone, I surprised myself, and actually made/attempted almost everything on my menu last week.  The only failure was the gnocchi.  It was WAY too ambitious to try these for the first time ever while rocking the solo parenting gig.  I ended up scrapping the whole meal, and made a pb and honey sandwich.  Lame.   The pork medallions were AMAZING, and so were the zucchini boats.

This is what they looked like the first time I made them.


They needed a little something before, so this week I added quinoa (boiled in veggie broth), and sauteed the peppers, garlic and tomatoes with the pulp from the inside of the zucchini.  SO easy, and really great flavor.

Here is what is planned for this week.  Swapping the fish and brinner nights due to a Whole Foods sale on Salmon.

Sunday:  Brinner of whole wheat crepes and roasted honey peaches with whipped cream.  Planning to just use the roasting method and leave off the last few steps in the recipe.  Will post pics on the facebook page.

Monday:  Chicken enchilada soup from the freezer

Tuesday: Peanut noodles with veggies.  Using this recipe for inspiration, but leaving out the chicken, and roasting some zucchini and red peppers.

Wednesday:  Left over peanut noodles

Thursday: Bacon cheese burgers with a salad using lettuce from my garden!!!

Friday:  Whole chicken in the crock pot (We make this every few weeks, then also use the carcass for stock) with cheesy broccoli orzo.  I get twitchy when I run out of the amazing stock, and I just used my last bag from the freezer over a week ago.  Also, can I tell you how excited I am to have found an amazing source for whole chickens that are pastured and local!!!  I set up an order for two birds every month that will be picked up at the train station about 2 minutes from my house.  Yes, yes Lord AMEN!!!

Saturday:  Blackened Salmon with Mango Avocado salsa is on the bill with corn on the cob.

Tomorrow is going to be another day of stocking the freezer.  Zucchini muffins and strawberry ice cream are on my agenda.  Yes, ice cream counts as something I “cook” ahead.  🙂

I will leave you with my favorite pics from the week.  Featuring, a curious boy in a CSA box, and sweet boy enjoying the summer blackberries.

Lucas1 Tiny1